Why do I need an Itinerary?

  • 2 Water Parks

  • 4 Theme Parks

  • 4 Golf Courses

  • 34 Hotels & Resorts

  • 300 Restaurants, Bars & Food Trucks

  • 27,258 Acres

  • 58,000,000 Million visitors per Year!

Walt Disney World is the most visited holiday resort in the world! 

With daily Magic Kingdom attendance figures that could fill the 02 Arena three times it is becoming more and more important to carefully plan your Walt Disney World holiday. Walt Disney World property covers an area the size of Manchester......and it’s still growing. New attractions, hotels and restaurants are constantly being developed as well as changes to existing attractions meaning that, for those who have been before, Walt Disney World can look almost unrecognisable from one holiday to the next.

Walt Disney World Resort

In the USA people flock to Disney World more often and for shorter durations due to shorter travel times. Many of the Bloggers, Vloggers and Disney travel companies who offer their advice on trip planning are based only a short drive from the resort and hold annual passes. This means that, often, their opinions and tips are suited more to those who visit Disney more frequently.

For the UK holidaymaker a Walt Disney World trip is usually infrequent due to the significant cost (a 2 week trip to Walt Disney World for a family of 4 is going to start at around £8,000 with the list of upgrades and spending opportunities being almost limitless). For some it is every few years, others once in a generation and for many


It is because of this that we want to make sure that you make as many memories and experience as much magic as possible.


More than just Disney!


If 27,000 acres isn’t enough for you, we can also help to plan activities outside of the Walt Disney World Resort. Orlando, and the surrounding area, is home to some of the best attractions in the world. We are more than happy to recommend non-Disney experiences and include them in your itinerary.


Movie-buffs and Harry Potter fans will love Universal Studios, Thrill-seekers will be excited at the prospect of the world’s fastest hybrid rollercoaster at Busch Gardens and space fans of all ages will be over the moon with a day out at the Kennedy Space Center.